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My journey

I can’t remember the exact moment I knew I belonged in the beauty industry, but I believe it has always been dear to my heart. I grew up with strict parents that didn’t like the idea of their thirteen-year-old daughter wearing makeup, but I was a rebel by nature and I wore my dark eyeliner with purple eyeshadow with no hesitation. Growing up with extremely low self-esteem, I turned to makeup as an outlet for creative expression and a way to feel good about myself. My goal is to help give people that confidence and ability to express themselves unapologetically through makeup.


My specialty as a freelance makeup artist is bridal makeup, but I love to bring creativity into every look I help complete. Since starting my career as a makeup artist, I’ve worked with ClickCon Chicago to create editorial makeup for themed photo shoots and have been recognized as a trailblazer in the beauty industry by Voyage Chicago.


As a professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician, I have shared my makeup tips and tricks in the past by offering Chicago-based classes to help clients learn how to create everyday makeup looks. I consider myself a visionary go-getter. I enjoy learning new makeup techniques and trends to add to my skill-set to help your makeup dreams come true.
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by Sel